Romeo's Dreams

because i've been having them again
sometimes they aren't as lovely as you'd like to think.

if you want the link to my main diary, then here it is


i wanted to fuck a goat. really really badly. i have no idea why, i think the goat was my mom.

like, i think i went to peek in the bathroom to stalk my goat mother (dont even try it undertale) and she was just kind of there. on all fours. she was LITERALLY a goat. and i wanted to plow her like no tomorrow so i did embarrassing things to try to get her attention but she saw one of them and invited both of us into my room and we kissed.

i want to fucking die now, but im not going back to sleep

mostly because otto will wake up in a half hour and i wanna say hi


it was a long dream but all i can remember is the group chat adding a positivity chat where you could ask to be complimented or felt.

type 1 to be complimented, 2 to be felt.

what the fuck

there was another dream that i had because i went back to bed

there was this blond girl (she mightve been laci green) and i was watchin her video and then suddenly i was in her house and she dumped trash on her bathroom floor. i remember something about her trying to shower and the tub was a little away from the faucet so water got on the floor. from both the tub faucet and the shower faucet. she began to sweep up the trash but it wouldn't go into the trash can no matter how much she swept. then i woke up.


i was ripping a copy of jet set radio future to play in hd on my computer. the song that goes "da ba doobie listen to the music da ba doobie yay" was constantly playing in the background. (after editing this i realied the song is called "'bout the city") my mom came in to tell me to clean my room and i did it super fast. and then the game finished downloading and my mom left, and she came back in. then i woke up.


i dreamt that my mom made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. hopefully that happens today
i also vaguely remember something with murfy happening


i cant remember much anymore since i'm writing this later in the day but i know i had 2 seperate dreams

the second dream i was somewhere foggy. someone was in front of me, though they were friendly looking. might've been a teensie.

ironic because it was very foggy this morning. like you couldn't see down the road at all. and that's what it was like in my dream.


i can't remember what dreams i had. but it had something to do with murfy and either tarayzan or otto.


somebody smack me and tell me to write down my dreams again, i'm losing motivation fast.


so i had a dream where there were debates with people on a daily basis in this world. after watching some at school i went home and at night me and my sister were taking a walk around the street near our house. a firetruck comes rolling by and a fireman says to us "isnt it a little late to be walking around?" and we dont say anything and he says "well doesnt that sound a little suspicious" and he leaves, and me and my sister go home and our house looks like a little cottage now and we go in through the window? i had a pet on a table that i said hi to and i picked up a magazine and started reading it. it was about asbestos and i was curious what it meant so i read until i found the definition and it apparently was "a condition in which people grow tails." that is not the definition at all. then me and my mom debated about why girls want to have asbestos because they want cute tails.

alrighty then


apparently me and my parents were on a day-long challenge of constant eating fast food and junk and shit.

i went to this pizza shop and they had tubs of ice cream for like 49 cents and i wanted one so i asked the counter guy for a strawberry ice cream tub. he went to the drinks cooler and stared in there looking for the ice cream for like an hour. literally an hour. intently searching through the cooler for the fucking ice cream.

i think that my parents are waiting in the car for me constantly getting angrier so i get more anxious so i tell the guy nevermind. i ask for the manager and this guy in all black comes out. he pulls out a tray showing what they serve at the place and he mentions a "finish it later" pizza. so i sigh and say "give me that one." he gets me one, its literally a quesadilla. but i put it in a plastic bag and go out to the car. my parents are as happy as can be and my mom is stuffing her fat mouth. i ask her to move over but she says no so i just sit in the front passenger sear. and then we ride off to another fast food place.


i dreamt that rayman killed someone and they fell out of the snoring tree. i dont know if he had a gun or just punched them out of the tree but he did it.

then suddenly i was at my school in the breakfast line and i forget if i was globox or globox was near me but he called this kid named brandon in front of me "DIPSHIT" for being too slow with putting in his food code in the keypad thingy. he literally just yelled "you're going too slow, you FUCKING DIPSHIT!"

i couldn't imagine globox cursing until last night.


i can't remember. i think it had something to do with school though. and then flowers.


i can't remember what happened. this morning was too surreal


i had a dream where i was watching a movie about something and this guy was going through this tube in a bunch of water to get away from these piranhas or something and he thinks its gonna be a smooth ride but then its fun and he screams in laughter and i get a screenshot of him zooming by and it looks like hes astral projecting and i laugh so hard i hear otto go "romey please" as if he were trying to hush me. then he hit a bottom point in the tube thingy and it cracked and he was like O_O and then the entire thing broke and flooded with water and he was eaten alive by piranhas.

fun dream.


i was trying to get ready for school but time went too fast and i missed the bus and i think my peace pendant broke? everything was breaking around me and it was super surreal.


so i dreamt that i was at school and i was friends with this one friend group and somehow i was marge simpson and i was dating homer and homer kept getting into some shit where he stole my eye from a costume i was wearing and kept turning into some green monster. i tried to get it back but my friend group ended up being a bunch of tall angry black dudes who started to chase me bc apparently they wanted me to "stay in their sight" but i had to stray off to get my eye back from homer??? then they chased me and i ran into one of the buildings and my friend was outside a room and had a uniform on with "ping pong" on it and he said "didn't you know i was on the varsity ping pong team? and they went in and he played but as soon as he walked in i couldnt find him and this teacher looks to another girl and says "you stepped on my onion" and the girl looks worried and the teacher continues "if you step on my onion again, you know what happens" and she immediately whips out a belt and then the dream ends

i barely remember stuff before it where the guys were playing jokes on me like throwing milk cartons at my head and i rememebr we were in my old elementary school's gym and they pushed me out of the pizza line to beat me up but i was cool w/ it

i think my friend(?? i think) nate was in it


i was at my school and i was going thru classes and apparently the teacher gave us fried chicken but we werent supposed to eat it until after break and we turned in an assignment with the paper in the chicken. i ate it anyways and once class ended a lot of kids flooded in from the back of the classroom, so i got out of there but not after them pestering my for my 2ds. in the hallways theres this amazing piece of graffiti so i give this kid some crackers and take a pic of the graffiti. then i see this guy who looks like the magician from rayman and i take a picture of him too. i go thru the halls and it turns out theres like 1 stairway in the entire 2nd floor of this huge building and people are just jumping down into the gym from these stairless staircases. this one kid jumps down, off the wall, and does a spin before landing, and i feel sick so i find the one stairway and go down, and i end up at the wrong entrance. i try to find my way to the bus entrance so i can leave school before the busses leave me and my friend comes up to me in these ridiculous glasses and i cant help but laugh. then i woke up.

i've had dreams about missing the bus waaay too often.


i think this was a sexual dream i had, but it was only for a few seconds. someone was telling me to squeeze my legs together because i was getting horny and i think it was murfy.


i had like 3 dreams last night but i cant remember anything but the last

i think i was watching a movie but this man goes to a clinic and he tells the doctor that he's depressed and needs help. the doctor takes him to some kind of room and inside he has a bunch of swords. he also has a nurse in there. the doctor tells the depressed man to lay on the table on his back and he does so. the nurse picks this sword with a blue handle and hands it to the doctor. the doctor starts to chant some christian prayer and he chops right at the man's chest. he doesn't writhe or scream, or even bleed, he just cringes a little. then the doctor continues his prayer as he chops lower and lower about 3 more times until he gets to the abdomen. then he hovers the sword over the man's neck, and then over his face, and says something among the lines of "in the name of the son, the father, and the holy spirit, (something something i couldn't remember)" and then he chops the man's head apart, and i can see the exact moment that he loses life. it wasn't a clean cut because its still hanging by a bit of skin. then the nurse and doctor tilt his head and his body starts to finally bleed, and its like an ocean of gore and it looked so real.

i woke up a little spooked by it.


so this korean man came to this really big school/huge gym with a courtyard outside campus that i was in i think and there was this van/truck with a super long ladder in the gym and he was gonna put the school on lockdown so everyone including me got on this huge ladder but then i got off bc i knew he was going to start tipping it and he flipped it to the side and a lot of people were injured. i went to try to run out of there but he was like right there at the exit to the courtyards and he was just staring at me until i sat at a seat at a table. there were also these kids out there in the courtyard hanging out. the korean man was about to announce something but before he did he looked right at me and said "you can leave whenever you want, ok darling?" and i just rubbed my legs together and gave him a cute face and said "okay~"


all i remember is being in an institution for something and i couldnt escape.


me and my best friend were talking on some red messaging program and he asked me what wrong and why i speak weird all the time and i responded with "maybe its because of all this watermelon im eating" and i used a bunch of emojis of a watermelon getting stabbed but then the program crashed